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How To Create an Amazing Editorial Calendar

How To Create an Amazing Editorial Calendar

There are so many ways to create editorial calendars online. You can find templates, tutorials, guides and more fairly easily. But, I prefer planning stuff offline.  I like being able to write things down and see it constantly.  So if you want to see how to create an editorial calendar without using any programs or templates, keep reading.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.  All opinions are my own and I would only promote products I truly enjoy!

Here’s what you need:

  • A desk calendar
  • Post-its
  • Pens or pencils (whatever you like to write with)
  • A bunch of ideas
  • Tacks, push-pins, or anything you can use to hang your calendar

The best way I’ve found is using a desk calendar to plan with. These are big enough for you to fit everything you need to and they’re also very versatile.  I ordered an inexpensive calendar off of Amazon, which you can find here.  It’s the perfect size for me and is monotone and simple–which I like.  Once you have your desk calendar, you can begin figuring out how you want to set it up.

I use color coded post-it notes to write everything on. I like doing it this way because the colors stand out way more than colored markers or pens. Also, I find myself switching around post dates all of the time. So I can just unstick one post-it and stick it somewhere else if I need to.  I like having different colored post-its for things like editing, researching, and publishing.

Once you’ve set everything up how you want it, you can hang it on a wall. I like having my calendar hung up because I can constantly see what needs done when.  Obviously, you don’t have to hang yours up. But I definitely recommend trying it out. I found really cute wooden push pins from Target to use to hang it up.

And that’s pretty much it. The only other thing I like to do is in the sidebar, I write down ideas or notes.  That way everything is in the same place.

So I hope this was helpful.  Let me know how you plan your blog posts!  I will talk to you in my next post!  xx



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