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Bullet Journal Update | What’s Changed?

Bullet Journal Update

I think I’m only going to do bullet journal updates each month instead of every other week.  There’s not that much that’s changed and I think monthly updates would work better for me.  If you want to check out my previous bullet journal update, you can find that here.

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So, the only thing that has changed in my bullet journal is my weekly spread.  The one I was previously using just wasn’t working for me.  I enjoyed the weekly layout I was using for the majority of September and went back to it.  It works well, for me, having the boxes for each day, but I have noticed I’ve been getting kind of bored with it.  Like I said, I’ve been using the same spread for about a month and a half and it’s not exciting any more.  I want to look on Pinterest for new ideas and inspiration I can use in November.  Until then, I’m probably going to stick to the same spread.

I did like the look of last week’s spread, it just wasn’t as practical as the old one I used.  I liked having a ‘this week’ section which I couldn’t fit into the design.  Other than that, I think the boxes were too narrow for my liking.

Last Week’s Spread

Since then, I went back to a boxy layout.  I did enjoy having the weekly goals section, so I made a section for that.  This layout works so much better for me, but like I said, I do want to change it up a bit.

New Spread

I did get one thing that I have been obsessed with.  You will probably see it in my bullet journal next update, but I order some white pens on Amazon.  They took awhile to arrive but it was totally worth it.  There’s soooo much you can do with them in a bullet journal and I am so excited to play around with them.  They come in a pack of three and they are really inexpensive (about $5).  They show up really well and are very smooth.

Anyway, that’s all that’s changed in my bullet journal.  Make sure to stay tuned for my next monthly update.  Let me know if you got any inspiration from this.  Also, let me know what’s been working in your bullet journal.  I’ll talk to you in my next post! x



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